2008-12-18 19:48:15 by TheGamer3000

I have created a new game called Sam the Game Test 1. This is more of a test than a game obviously by title and this post's title. The full game will be releasing sometime in Q2-Q4 2009. Please be patient. The game will have more than just the following items:

Enter and Exit Building
Vehicle Missions
Flying Missions
Exclusive Looks at more of Season 1
Character Changing
A Menu
A Preloader
A Cursor with hide(); code (I used show(); as a test)
More Places on the Map
New Powers
A Cheats System


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2008-12-19 12:23:29

What a bummer. Your game is blammed. It looks interesting. It's better to finosh your game than release demos.

(Updated ) TheGamer3000 responds:

i made it just to show how the system will work
I guess I'll be making another demo when it's 80% done


2008-12-19 15:07:58

I didn't see this game before it was blammed, but a suggestion based off your other 2 games: Try to make the drawings a bit more detailed and try to use different fonts. The stuff I'm working on at the moment I redrew basically everything like, 3 times and each time I made everything a bit more detailed and the lines a bit thinner, and it looks tons better now. Just an idea. Contact me if you want some drawing tips or something of the sort.

TheGamer3000 responds:

i hate when they blam it
incase nobody noticed

this post talks about the fact that there are no backgrounds yet
It's okay. My next version will have music, a beginning, voices, and more. Watch the series on NG soon.


2008-12-24 09:43:20

sorry to hear it got blamed, i did get to see it though and it looks like you are improving