Grand Theft Auto: Man of Murder

2008-12-29 10:39:24 by TheGamer3000

I am making a flash Grand Theft Auto game. It has been confirmed to be called Man of Murder. It will definitely be out by April 2009. So far, two main characters are confirmed. They are Brian (Red-Faced), and Spike (Normal Teen). I am voicing Brian and Spike. Others are unconfirmed since none others have been drawn or sketched. For more information and the release of the game by April 2009, go to You can also email the staff of the creation for the game at

EDIT: New Characters Revealed. Go to for more.


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2008-12-29 13:08:21

Well I hope it is good. I really want to see a GTA flash on newgrounds. Any news as what the game will look like?

TheGamer3000 responds:

i cannot reveal that. Visit the site and read what happens. Screenshots are revealed only there. You may post fan-made pictures by emailing me or waiting for the upcoming web hosting service's new option: Users Post Pictures. Coming Soon!