Thanks ALOT!

2009-01-04 18:35:54 by TheGamer3000

You guys just pissed me off officially. You had to blam my Test. Didn't I tell you I'd update it. Now that you've done that, I am banned again for 15 days. I am now moving on to X-Labs (my new Newgrounds name).

GTA Man of Murder Test V1/ V3 and Trailer 1

2009-01-04 13:18:42 by TheGamer3000

GTA Man of Murder Test 1 (Weapons; Takeout) V1 is now available. Try it out. V2 and V3 will be coming this week. Watch out (V3 is scheduled for next Weekend). Also a trailer has been delayed to Friday @ 6p.

Test Here:

EDIT: V3 will be the next version since V1 was blammed.

GTA Man of Murder Test 1!

2009-01-02 17:24:34 by TheGamer3000

Tomorrow, I will release a GTA Man of Murder Test game with only Shooting and Weapon ID System (Weapon ID: Identifies what Weapons you're using and shows you're health and bullets).

Grand Theft Auto: Man of Murder

2008-12-29 10:39:24 by TheGamer3000

I am making a flash Grand Theft Auto game. It has been confirmed to be called Man of Murder. It will definitely be out by April 2009. So far, two main characters are confirmed. They are Brian (Red-Faced), and Spike (Normal Teen). I am voicing Brian and Spike. Others are unconfirmed since none others have been drawn or sketched. For more information and the release of the game by April 2009, go to You can also email the staff of the creation for the game at

EDIT: New Characters Revealed. Go to for more.


2008-12-25 22:16:04 by TheGamer3000

I just became lvl3, light aura. Thanks Fulp! I am also doing great with animations lately. Sadly, A break will be needed for the airdate because of my ban for 2 or more blams in the past 30 days. It'll be lifted in a few daysjavascript:MakeSmileySelection(18)
;. LUCKY MEjavascript:MakeSmileySelection(1);! Bye and Happy Holidays!


2008-12-18 19:48:15 by TheGamer3000

I have created a new game called Sam the Game Test 1. This is more of a test than a game obviously by title and this post's title. The full game will be releasing sometime in Q2-Q4 2009. Please be patient. The game will have more than just the following items:

Enter and Exit Building
Vehicle Missions
Flying Missions
Exclusive Looks at more of Season 1
Character Changing
A Menu
A Preloader
A Cursor with hide(); code (I used show(); as a test)
More Places on the Map
New Powers
A Cheats System

AF8T is Coming!

2008-12-16 16:52:51 by TheGamer3000

For those of you who are asking about something called:

I have been doing way better

I am making a flash tutorial series called A Flash8 Tutorial. Coming SOON!

Welcome all who know me!

2008-12-14 15:26:18 by TheGamer3000

I came to NEWGROUNDS to submit my games and animations in flash. All my pivots are at my sites.

Welcome all who know me!